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5 Reasons USC was Unsuccessful This Season

November 27, 2012

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1. The offensive line wasn’t able to protect Matt Barkley

The absence of Matt Kalil was more evident than most were expecting. He was the most important piece of the offensive line because he would protect Matt Barkley’s blindside. Last year, Barkley was very comfortable in the pocket and was able to let plays develop. This year, Barkley didn’t look as comfortable and forced many bad throws due to the pressure he was facing from opposing defenses. No matter how many offensive weapons you have, if you can’t protect your quarterback he can’t get the ball to the weapons.

2. Robert Woods was phased out of the offense

If you remember last year both Marqise Lee and Robert Woods both accumulated over 1000 yards receiving. This year Woods only compiled 812 yards compared to Lee’s 1680 yards. Some people will say that is because Lee and Barkley had formed…

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